Case study: Health and Social Care – Amy Nichols – Learner of the month

Case study: Health and Social Care – Amy Nichols – Learner of the month

Amy Nichols  – Learner of the month, April 2016 at Milton House,  Bridgwater, Somerset

Employer: Milton House Somerset Care

Qualification: Health and Social Care Level 3

Amy Nichols had been working at Milton House in Bridgwater since 2009 when she started her Advanced Apprenticeship in Health and Social Care. She already had her Level 2. Amy has always worked in the Care sector and absolutely loves it. She has 2 boys (9 and 11 years old) and juggles her life as a mum, a care worker, and learner brilliantly, but it is not without drawbacks.
Amy started her Level 3 award as one of a group of three learners, one of whom was a work colleague. Due to some personal circumstances of the other two, they gradually left the training programme, so Amy was left without her original support group to study and learn with. In spite of this, according to her trainer Sarah Cook, “she remained focused and determined to finish.”

Unfortunately 7 months into the training, Amy had to overcome her own difficult personal situation and it had a big impact on her life. Amy stopped her learning for 2 months as she had to move house as well as working night shifts. “I am so grateful that my mum could support me as well as the team at work. I really wanted to get back to the training to become a Health Care Practitioner one day.” Amy says.
Sarah Cook added, “Amy has persevered through all of this and overcame her obstacles. I have seen her becoming very low at times over the work that was required to complete her Level 3. However, she remained determined and with support, completed on target this month. She is such an inspiration for other learners. “
Amy has worked really hard to achieve her goal and is now determined to start another course to further develop herself and her role to enhance her career prospects. She received Acacia’s “Learner of the month” award for April.
Amy also added that “I have learnt so much even if it is has been hard at times; the training has been so worthwhile. Sarah was very patient and flexible and with her guidance, I could feel my confidence increasing. I am really happy to get that far and I now know I can achieve anything.”

Picture: from left to right: Sarah Cook (Assessor) and Amy Nichols