A very supportive and confident apprentice – Learner of the month in April 2017 – Demi Leigh Jones

A very supportive and confident apprentice – Learner of the month in April 2017 – Demi Leigh Jones

Learner of the month in April 2017 – Demi Leigh Jones

Demi Leigh Jones is an Apprentice undertaking a Level 2 Diploma in Business Administration with Acacia Training and Development at Ford Primary School, Plymouth. Demi applied for this apprenticeship through the National Apprenticeship website and was very pleased with being offered the role. Demi worked at a care home before, but she wanted a change to work in Business Administration in a school environment.

Karen Short, her assessor says: “Her employers have given feedback that she has embraced her role and responsibilities in a very mature and positive manner, and she has been quick thinking and taken the initiative to deal with issues that have been unexpected, in addition to her normal duties, just recently.”

Mr Thomas the head teacher said that he “is extremely proud of Demi”.  Other members of her team add that she “dealt with a difficult situation all with a cool head. She basically fitted in perfectly from day one. She approaches parents very professionally and is well prepared to support the team in any situation.”Demi’s Functional Skills tutor, Janet Parrott, was very impressed with her work: “She is a very mature 16 year old, who from feedback from the head teacher and other admin staff has settled in well and is like a breath of fresh air.”

Demi says that her apprenticeship has boosted her confidence and she has gained a lot of useful information about Administration through her NVQ studies and job role. Demi describes her apprenticeship as “fun, interesting and no day is like the other. Everyone is so kind and they are always there when you need them.”Demi prefers to be in a hands-on role rather than learning from a classroom, she also likes earning a wage during her qualification. “I love my job.” she says and hopes to progress to Level 3. Demi would like to thank her trainers and assessors for nominating her for the Acacia Training and Development Learner of the Month award.

Clare Dudley, Programme Manager at Acacia Training and Development, adds: “Demi has a great outlook to life and takes every new experience on board with courage.  She should be very proud of what she has achieved already in such a small amount of time. Overall Demi is a credit to the school and us as an apprentice.”