Case Study – Primal Europe taking on apprentices

Case Study – Primal Europe taking on apprentices

Judith Smith, Director at Primal Europe supports apprenticeships

Employer: Primal Europe
Qualification: Business Administration
Judith Smith was very excited about her opportunity to be talking at the ‘BikeBiz Women of the year’ event on the 25th June in London. Judith Smith is one of the most influential women in the European cycling industry. She is the face behind Primal Europe and grew the European arm of the company up to eight staff . She set up an office in Plymouth and expanded sales to 81 percent over the last three and a half years. Judith is certain that without the help of apprentices that would not have been possible.

Reasons to hire apprentices

The apprentices trained from Acacia Training and Development allowed Primal Europe to expand much quicker. They work in different areas from Customers Service to Accounting. Judith set the company up from scratch from home in 2011, whilst juggling being a mum, and a having a husband away in the Navy who joined the business later on. Primal grew rapidly over the next years. She is therefore, very grateful that apprentices were there to help.

“Our staff is a mix of sporty people, which also includes three apprentices, who have completely changed my view on working with younger people. What they have to give to a company is fantastic and you can see that they are passionate about it.” Judith says: “We continue taking on apprentices as they have a lot of skills to offer and we want to keep them permanently and also recognise their hard work by offering progressions, extra payment, and commission. Without Carla, Ben or Beth we would not be as successful as we are as a company.”

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