Case Study – Childcare – Passionate owner of Pre-school

Case Study – Childcare – Passionate owner of Pre-school

Passionate Claire Hall, owner of All Aboard Pre-school awarded Employer of the monthAll Aboard Preschool

Employer: All Aboard Pre-school

Qualification: Childcare Apprenticeship

Claire Hall has worked within Early Years Education for over 15 years. She still enjoys learning more about childcare and child development. Claire has also built strong links with the Hooe Primary Academy as her nursery is situated just next to the school.

Clare and her husband built the nursery and decorated it together with friends. The area outside was included in the UK’s top 5 outdoor areas at nurseries. This area provides a play castle, a vegetable and herbal garden, fruit trees a pond and much more. Claire says: “We are particularly interested in the environment and educating children about the world around them through forest school activities. They can experience it first hand by keeping animals, growing flowers, fruit, and vegetables. This is part of my vision for children – when they leave All Aboard preschool, they are prepared not only for school but for life.”

Claire is looking forward to welcoming more apprentices and wants to expand the pre-school this year so that 42 children have the chance to learn and play. The 30 children can play but also learn about how to grow their own food and how to take care of the pets in the nursery, such as hamsters, guinea pigs, and chicks. They can also observe a bird hatching eggs on a live feed video camera installation.

Claire also offers online learning journeys of every child, which is unique in Plymouth. This helps grandparents, childminders also fathers who are abroad through the army to observe the child’s progress. If you would like to become a Childcare Apprentice, then click here or call 0800 0902155 to find out more.