We have a great range of E-Learning courses

Online learning is just right as an additional learning choice. We know it will never replace face to face training but sometimes it is just what is needed to top up or reinforce knowledge of a subject as a bite sized flexible option.

At Acacia Training, we are not experts in the technical set up of e-learning courses. So we decided that we wanted a range of courses that is guaranteed to be of high quality for our customers. To achieve this aim, we have partnered with two great companies.

Our learning platform can track our own learner progress. This means that if you place your employee on any of our e-learning training courses we can

  • track their progress,
  • let you know if they are logging in
  • tell you how far they have progressed through the course
  • provide you with an electronic copy of their completion certificate.

In this way, we can look after our online learners to make sure that they get the most from their chosen online course.

NEW! eLearning Portal for Microsoft Office Suite

We have also set up a new eLearning portal to meet the growing demand from our customers for training in the Microsoft Office Suite.

Please view the Microsoft Online eLearning Centre page for more information:

E-Learning benefits

E-Learning is cost effective and saves time

Learners take between 2 and 3 hours to complete most of our online courses. Learners can print a completion certificate if they gain a high enough score at the end of course assessment. In this way learners are tested on the knowledge gained to reinforce the learning and make sure that it has been taken in and can be recalled.

Learning anytime and anywhere

Many face-to-face courses only operate within normal working hours. Our range of online courses can be started at any time – day or night. Learners can stop at any time and can return later to the same place in the learning.

They are cost effective

As our online courses start at prices as low as £15 (+VAT) they represent great value for money. You can choose from hundreds of different course subjects. You can agree with us a learning pathway for your employee(s) so that they can progress through an agreed range of our courses. We can offer some agreed learning pathways at a discounted price – so if you are interested please call us on 0800 0902155.

There is no delay 

If you are paying for a single course, you can pay online and start your course without delay. Payments are taken by our e-learning partners through secure and trusted payment options.

Learning Pathways

By linking courses together in a “Learning Pathway” we can help you to choose just the right learning journey for your team.

We have a “People Manager’s Toolkit” providing a range of online management courses.

We can bundle courses together to save you money.  for more information call 0800 0902155.