Endpoint Assessment Centre for the new standard


The old apprenticeship frameworks are currently being replaced with the new Standards. Once each new Standard is approved for funding, training providers must switch over to the new Standard within set timescales.

For our own apprentices, we are in negotiation with other providers of end point assessment EPA). Employers have a say in which EPA provider they want to use. We will agree this as part of our service level agreement with the employer.

Acacia Training and Development has applied to become an endpoint assessment centre for the Health and Social Care Apprenticeship Level 2 and 3. For this standard, the learner will have to pass a multiple choice online or paper-based test. They will then bring their portfolio of evidence a meeting with an Assessor (this must be an assessor from another provider – (not the assessor that they have been working with). At this meeting, they will complete a professional discussion. They need to prove what they have learnt throughout their 12-15 month apprenticeship. If the learner passes both the test and the professional discussion – they will be awarded with the apprenticeship certificate.

Once Acacia Training has  been approved fro EPA, further information will be uploaded to this page.