Important Learner and Employer Update

Important Learner and Employer Update

Now we are entering the 3rd week of lockdown we wanted to update you with some useful guidance from the government in relation to your apprentice or any member of your staff who are currently learning with us here at Acacia, and to let you know how we are continuing to support our employers and learners, including your staff in the best possible way we can.

As you will be aware the government have been issuing guidance relating to the Covid-19 situation on a daily basis, and as a government funded independent training provider we also have regular updates which set out expectations on how we should continue to support all of our learners.

Supporting you and your employees

We are continuing to work with our employers and learners using a number of remote and online tools and resources, and are fully committed to supporting all of our learners and employers through this crisis.

We have registered many of our learners on to our E Portfolio OneFile, and over the next week or so apprentices and other learners who have not previously had access to this will be able to access this learning portal, submit work and make use of other online resources within the system.

Using OneFile makes communication between your employees and assessor easier, as they are able to set and mark work remotely, and recording of the 20% Off the Job training activity is much more straightforward.  OneFile also contains links to other e-learning, and Maths and English resources.

We are still able to give your employee access to a suite of e-learning courses on Virtual College, and this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of these CPD courses.  These e-learning courses are used as part of the apprenticeship induction module and also cover various other topics that support their sector knowledge and can contribute to their 20% off the job training.

We will shortly be sending out password reminder links to the Virtual College courses that are available free of charge to your  employees  to support their learning journey.  Many will already know about these, and be working on  the courses.

We will be issuing OneFile guidance to all learners who are moving to this way of working , and there will be support available for them as they learn how to use OneFile system.

In addition we are using Skype, Google classroom,  Google hangout,  and facetime to keep in touch with our learners as well as emails and phone calls.

So it is very much business as usual for us here at Acacia Training and Development, although we do realise that this is not the cases for many businesses and individuals at this time, so are sympathetic to this and will work with you to agree how we can support you and your teams to continue to learn and be trained in the best way at this time.


Job Retention Scheme – Apprentices

On the 6th April we had further clarification that Apprentices can also be furloughed in the same way as other employees, and that during the furlough period they can still continue to study for their Apprenticeship.  This is fantastic news as it will enable to continue our work with your member of staff.

I have included the link below to this guidance for your information.

Exams, Assessments  and End Point Assessments

Exam boards and End Point Assessment Organisations (EPAO’S) are working hard to establish how best they can continue to support us to provide Functional Skills online assessments and End Point Assessments and other Exams for our learners.

We will be sending out information about which End Point Assessments (EPA),  and exams we can continue to deliver in the coming weeks.

The good news is that we are still able to support some EPA’s and exams, and where this is possible we are forging ahead to get the systems and processes ready to enable us to do this.

Finally If you have any further questions please let us know, and if we can provide any further support please do get in touch.