Dyslexia did not hold him back – the amazing story of Gary Harris – Learner of the month

Dyslexia did not hold him back – the amazing story of Gary Harris – Learner of the month

Gary Harris from St. Austell was eager to undertake the Health and Social Care Level 2 with Acacia Training and Development in Cornwall. He had a less than favourable beginning to adult education due to a lack of encouragement of his employer at the time. He also needed to complete his Functional Skills and suffering from dyslexia and a sensory impairment have been a massive hurdle for him during his training.

However, Gary began to build a trusting, working relationship with his assessor Mandy Pack, whilst having regular tutorials. With her support he started to become a successful learner. “Gary became more confident and less self-conscious as he completed the units”. He was willing to expand the contents of his assignments as well. Mandy says: “Gary started to show a great attitude towards the individuals in his care and the service he provides.”

Gary felt a huge sense of achievement and satisfaction when he completed his Health and Social Care Level 2 so he decided to progress onto the Level 3. He said: “I felt very proud when I achieved Level 2 and thought, if I was able to do that, I can achieve much more.” From the start Gary produced thoughtful and comprehensive evidence for each unit. Gary’s IT skills improved and his drive to research areas of care increased.

By making the style of learning appropriate for Gary, he has become an enthusiastic, confident and competent learner. With dedication and hard work, Gary achieved his Level 3.

“He has a career goal and had discussed the qualification and learning path needed to achieve. I am proud to have worked with Gary and to see the changes in his confidence, outlook and self-belief”. Mandy says proudly.

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