8 headings you need on your CV

8 headings you need on your CV

The CV is the first point of contact for the employer when applying for an Apprenticeship. This I why it is important to have a good CV and to choose the correct headings to structure it.

What do the letters CV stand for?

Curriculum Vitae from the Latin origin. CV’s are used to show the recruiter your abilities and past achievements. Keep your CV updated all the time and add any new relevant information.

What is the purpose of a CV?

  • To show off your skills, qualities, and experience
  • Get selected for an interview
  • Demonstrate your qualifications
  • Show you have what it takes to do the job.

The 8 headings for your CV

  1. Personal Details
  2. Personal Profile
  3. Skills (not mandatory if added in point 7. You could write a list of the key skills e.g. IT literate, good communication skills.)
  4. Employment History
  5. Education, Qualifications, and training
  6. Hobbies and Interests
  7. Additional information/Other
  8. References (usually the most recent 2-3 references).

Try to focus on the most important achievements relevant to the job you apply for and try to back it up with some evidence. The CV should also not exceed 2 pages. A picture is not necessary and you can sign it to give it a personal touch. To find out more about how to write a great and noticeable CV, ask your job centre to visit one of our courses in CV writing.

Good luck.