Leadership Gold

Acacia Training and Development are privileged to offer a unique opportunity that has arisen to provide training inspired by the world-class Professional Development and Leadership Training, Leadership Gold. We have the pleasure of introducing Mark Neale, who is a certified John Maxwell team member and is the only trainer in the South West qualified to deliver this material.

Take a look below for an introduction to Mark Neale and John C. Maxwell.

Left to right – John C. Maxwell and Mark Neale

Mark Neale

Mark Neale is an Executive Director of The John Maxwell Team. Mark is a certified trainer who has 30 years of experience. He specialises in areas of Leadership Development, Professional Skills and Personal Growth. He has been trained by a world-class team owned by John C. Maxwell. With access to exclusive content, that is only available through certified Executive Directors of the John Maxwell Team, Mark will empower you and your team to improve productivity, performance and profitability.

John C. Maxwell

Turn a good leader into a great leader


John C. Maxwell has studied Leadership Principles, and for nearly 50 years, applied this knowledge worldwide to inspire a broad range of businesses from the military to educational establishments and presidential cabinets. John C. Maxwell has written over 100 books and sold more than 26 million copies, a #1 New York Times bestselling author, coach and speaker.

Leadership Gold

After 50 years of writing and lecturing about leadership, John C. Maxwell created this Leadership Gold training programme. In each module he shares his own leadership experiences. He has created 18 “gold nuggets” which address various aspects of leadership, such as:

  • Developing relationships
  • Supporting aspiring leaders
  • Recognising and responding to “defining moments”

In summary you will learn:

  • How leadership is not meant to be lonely. It is relational as much as it is positional. Leaders must love people before they can lead them.
  • How important it is to work with your team and your followers because a leader never gets to the top alone. Leaders need the support of his people.
  • How critical it is to be a good listener.
  • How passion must be the fuel that energizes you as a leader. It is the extra factor that keeps you going.
  • How leadership is courageous because it involves risks and sacrifices.
  • How crucial it is to be willing and ready to admit your mistakes and failures and learn to grow from those experiences.
  • How the ultimate desire in every leader should be to develop others and inspire them to reach their potential