Apprenticeships: 20% off-the-job training

At Acacia Training and Development Ltd we work with you, the employer, to ensure 20% off the job training requirement is met. It is a funding requirement that all apprentices receive at least 20% of their paid working hours ‘Off The Job’ to enhance and embed their knowledge.


This is an opportunity for you to evaluate your current learning plan for your staff and make amendments to improve their learning. We would expect the amount of time ‘Off The Job’ to be significant at the start and decrease as the programme of learning nears completion and the apprentice gains the knowledge, skills and behaviours within their role.

For example, at their first quarterly review they may already have achieved 10% of the 20% requirement this would be as a result of their training at the start of their employment, shadowing, attending classroom sessions and their 121 visits with their Tutor/Assessor.

At the next quarterly review they may be at 15% as they have gained 5% in that quarter, then 5% at the next quarter and 0% in the final quarter when they are completing their learning aims and preparing for gateway.

Please note each individual apprentices journey will be different as they will have different working hours, support needs and personal lives. The responsibility for the 20% ‘Off The Job’ is of both you the employer and us at Acacia Training and Development Ltd.

Off-the-job training must be directly relevant to the apprenticeship. It can include the following:


  • the teaching of theory (for example, lectures, role playing, simulation exercises, online learning, and manufacturer training)
  • practical training, shadowing, mentoring, industry visits, and participation in competitions
  • learning support and time spent writing assessments/assignments.

Off-the-job training does NOT include:

  • training to acquire knowledge, skills and behaviours that are not required in the standard or framework
  • progress reviews or on-programme assessment required for an apprenticeship framework or standard
  • training which takes place outside the apprentice’s normal working hours.

For information on government apprenticeship funding rules:


How employers and training providers should meet the 20% off-the-job training requirement for apprentices, with some best practice examples.


For ESFA audit rules:


For more information, please contact us at 01752 670811 or email You may also contact your tutor/assessor or your account manager directly for further assistance. Thank you.