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The Traineeship programme that commenced in August 2013 is now well established, giving unemployed young people the chance to improve their English and Mathematics levels and prepare themselves for real work.

A Traineeship is an education & training programme with work experience that is focused on giving young people, 16-24 years old, the skills and knowledge that employers are looking for.

Learners also improve their employability skills and gain useful work experience. Most learners are then better placed to gain an Apprenticeship position at the end of the programme (6 weeks up to 5 months).

We are looking for employers that are willing to offer work experience places to potential apprentices. If you can help – please contact our Freephone number 0800 090 2155 or email: [email protected]

1. Supporting young people with work experience

The Traineeship scheme aims to provide a route into an Apprenticeship or sustained employment for focussed young people who do not yet have the skills and/or experience.

They will receive a high quality and relevant work placement, recognised qualifications in maths and English (where appropriate), Employability Skills and training in CV writing and interview skills. They will also receive a formal reference and could be supported into an Apprenticeship or suitable employment after successful completion of the scheme.

2. Their qualifications will make them skilful workers and increase your productivity

All Trainees will attend a pre-placement induction called “On Boarding” where they will be trained on Conduct at Work, Customer Service, Health & Safety, Equality & Diversity, Safeguarding, Effective Communication and Working as part of a team. Some of these modules are accredited and all Trainees will receive an internal certificate.

A Traineeship may lead to an Apprenticeship and aims to provide skills training that will enable young people to successfully complete Apprenticeships or relevant employment. An Apprenticeship is paid and involves a contract of employment, whereas a Traineeship is unpaid and does not involve a contract of employment.

3. Getting an extra pair of hands & being involved in a government programme at no extra costs for you

There are no costs involved for the Traineeship scheme.

The scheme is funded by the government. However, you may want to support the Trainee with the costs of meals and travel. You also develop supervisory skills in your existing workforce.

4. Being able to shape the skills of young people and help them recognising their ambitions and talents

A Traineeship provides someone with skills, qualifications that focuses on progression into an Apprenticeship or employment. The Traineeship could last for a maximum of 6 months which will include a work placement lasting between 6 weeks and 5 months. The actual length of time will be agreed prior to the start of the Traineeship.

5. An Apprenticeship Grant of £1500* if you offer a further apprenticeship to the trainee

On completion, you as the employer will arrange a meeting to discuss the Trainee’s future. If there is a position available, the Trainee may be interviewed for the job – if there is not, we would kindly ask you to provide feedback and a reference. If you agree to continue with the Apprenticeship, you might be eligible for the Incentive Grant. Please contact us for more details: 0800 0902155 or [email protected]